Today is a sad sad sad day!

Mr. Fruitman is gone


For as long as I can remember this gentleman has had a fruit stall infront of Massy in Maraval. He arrives in his panel van early every morning, sets up his tent, tables, and meticulously displays his fruit. His produce is of top quality, well organized, and reasonably priced. Every time I drive by seeing this man brings a smile to my face. Sitting below his white tent in the blazing sun, either reading the Guardian or chatting with fellow Maravalians. His appearance is spotless. His shirt pristine white. His shoes and hat as well.
Early afternoon he packs up his tent, tables, produce and garbage and is disappears as if he was never there…until the following morning when the tent goes up again.

On a daily basis I witness police blaring their sirens so they don’t have to sit down in traffic like the rest of us. I see countless ppl breaking red lights, visiting our beaches and leaving the shores littered with their rubbish, not to mention curruption, money laundering, and rampant crime. The distraction of historical building demolished in the dark of the night so the authorities don’t see or the total lack of organization in our government offices. But everyday when I sit down in traffic at this very location being caused by inconsiderate taxis stopping in the middle of the road, I am reminded of the good in humanity when I look at this man. The preparation every morning for his day of work. The daily task of unloading everything in his own. Putting up a whole tent and tables and produce only to remove it a couple hours later. Taking pride in his trade. Proud to come to work to provide us with the freshest fruits. Quietly reading the paper and waiting on his regulars to visit interrupted only to possibly help an elderly lady or two to get into a waiting taxi with all of their Massy Bags.

In said traffic this morning instead of my daily sight of my Mr. Fruitman sitting below his tent in the blazing sun taking a lil lime with his regulars, I witnessed this bald head grouch of a police officer yelling and speaking to him in the most disgusting manner, loading his stock of fruit into the back of a police truck and putting handcuffs of this man. His van remains parked at work. Mr. Fruitman, his valuables and his stock taken away infront of people protesting for the disgusting nature that this was carried out. How embarrassing this must have felt! I was told that the police pulled up, loudly exclaimed the act that he broke and said that they got orders from “higher up” to remove him. And that was that. Handcuffs and all Mr. Fruitman was taken away. His fruit thrown in the tray of the police pick up. It wasn’t a pretty site to witness. I mean obviously having to remove this man or see him being removed is heartbreaking but the manner in which this officer spoke to him and treated his property was especially sickening.

Prior to today I was not sure what Mr. Fruitman’s name is but I just learned his name is Mark Franklin.

Mark – I am so sorry that you had to experience this. I know you are a good, honest, hard working man and I thank you for your years of not only providing us with great produce but for doing your part to maintain some sort of a respectable level of humanity in this country.

Trinidad – you disgust me! You make me feel to throw up my lunch. I don’t care what act this man may have broken but he has rights! Most of all he has the right to be treated like a human being. He did not object. He did not put up a fight. But you failed him! Give him a warning. Help him. Give him options! Speak to him in a respectable manner. God dammit I am so sick of the hatred and blatant regard for human life and emotion in this country!

And lastly Mr. Baldhead Police Officer…I hope a bird shits on your head.