Sheldon Douglas offers no explanation for artiste no-show

Mikey Spice and Sheldon Douglas

A Grenadian show promoter who left hundreds of patrons disappointed when he failed to present the advertised headline act, is yet to give a public explanation about the situation.

Sheldon Douglas sold tickets for an event at Moonlight City on Saturday, May 4th, at which Jamaican reggae singer Mikey Spice was to perform.
The singer failed to turn up and Sunday he told local media that the “promoter had messed up”, but Douglas has not been seen or heard from. 
Angry and disappointed patrons have been posting on social media, after they waited hours, into Sunday morning, to see the Jamaican perform. 
At least one person had to be removed from the stage by police, after he went up to demand satisfaction for his purchased ticket.

Tickets had been on sale for $50 in advance and $70 at the door. However ticket holders did not receive any proof of entry at the gates, which poses a challenge for reimbursements.
Douglas himself, a local soca performer and past crown winner was not seen at the event , according to patrons.
”He has made his way bad,” said one woman who waited until 6am for the performance she had come to see.
Earlier in the show King Ajamu, a multiple crown winner, performed with his band and according to the woman, he delivered a satisfying performance. 
“We couldn’t complain”, she said, referring to the presentation from the local artistes. 

There is speculation that Douglas may not have raised sufficient money to complete the necessary payment to Mikey Spice before he could take to the stage.
Speaking to Mikey Live following the debacle, the Jamaican said he had not seen the promoter and that Douglas had failed to meet the necessary contractual obligations. 
The 53 year-old singer said the promoter, “failed in every aspect of what a promoter is supposed to be”.