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Dimanche Gras, a bomb waiting to exploed

Brenda Baptiste - Dimanche Gras

I was in storytellers paradise for some of the compositions I heard at Calypso Semis yesterday…with that said, we need to engage our Artistes and Writers in training going into the next season and future.

‘Lollipops’ or very simple and under developed lines should not make semi final stages and definitely NOT the Final! The SONG must be strong and delivered STRONG. It is a Song and Singing Competition!

There are four young first time FINALISTS 
Stunna, Kande, Prince, Cox…. they were IMPRESSIVEeeeee! The guards are changing 😊 Their compositions are so well written and structured, can become references for Calypso studies. Stunna set the bar as he opened the show…Finley Jeffrey yuh need a hymn or two, or for that matter the whole hymn book! Great work with these youths Schols!

Valene you stamped your authority with your second song in particular, You could not be ignored. Happy for you QUEEN! Valene JJ Nedd

Randy, you fought your way through, have a re look at the song choices for the Final. This is your millionth final? 😆 Congrats

Baracka, oh Baracka you handle the social issues of unemployment, youth delinquency and the prevailing threat of non involvement of youth in agriculture, like a pro! The relevance of it all coming from a youthful Griot! Well done! Micah Joseph

Raymond B Matthew welcome back to the fold, WE MISSED YOU! The satire, humour, wittiness , the presence of the BEAST was both magical and sentimental…the mischievous smile and quick run off stage …when the deed was done! 😆

Sean Niles…Sour Serpent, EXCELLENCE! MY GOODNESS! STRONG Songs …powerful delivery…overall EXCELLENCE…The SERPENT have a STING… B E W A R E!

To the Calypsonians who did not make it to the next round, keep working and SPECIAL THANKS for your contributions, a labour of love…nuff respect.

Congratulations Dimanche Gras is gonna be UUUUUUUUppppppppp!

Spicemas Soca Monarch Finalist – 2019

Spicemas 2019

Spicemas Soca Monarch Finalists

Spicemas Power Soca

Lil Kerry
Luni Spark & Electrify
Runi Jay
Skull Dawg
Terra D Governor

Spicemas Groovy Soca Monarch Finalist

Spicemas Groovy Soca

Brendon Mckie – “Killa B”
Damion La Pompe – “Pappy Boi’
Jevaughn  La Pompe – “V’ghn”
Kellon & Kelson Ogiste – “Luni Spark & Electrify”
Lesly Modeste – “Brother B”
Rashid Julien – “Cryave”
Sheldon Douglas – “Sheldon Douglas”
Shem Bernard – “Terra D Governor”
Teddy Christopher & Brendon Joseph – “Topcat and Blazzer”
Valene Nedd – “Valene”

Cannibal killer ate pizza delivery men, jehovah witnesses and postmen

Cannibal killer slaughtered and ate 23 pizza delivery men, 6 jehovah witnesses, 2 postmen in past 7 years

Houston police have arrested a man believed to be behind the disappearance of no less than 31 persons this past decade.

Ivan Fedorovitch Yanukovych, 56, could be linked to a number of mysterious disappearances in the area believe officials.

Yanukovych was interrogated by police after neighbors complained about him using a chainsaw late at night and reported the man being “covered in blood.”

When police arrived on the scene, Yanukovych was found butchering a dead body in his garage and preparing what police officers described as “large quantities of ground meat” mixed in with an “aromatic blend of spices.”

“The suspect admitted to preying on unsuspecting delivery men from local restaurants, several postmen and even a number of Jehovah witnesses,” Assistant Chief Jeff Buchanan told reporters.

Executive Assistant Chief Buchanan from the Houston Police Department says officials seized over 700 pounds of “unidentified meat” from four freezers and which is presumed to be of human origin.

“I never suspected he was a mass murderer. He would often invite all the neighbors to watch football at his house and host large barbecues for everybody and was super friendly,” one neighbor told reporters.

Yanukovych, 56, who lives with his mother, Anastasia Z. Yanukovych, 93, and who rents the house basement to a local student, seemed to blend into the community and never arouse suspicion from neighbors.

“He was in charge of organizing our yearly spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the past five years and was a key player in the community. I am in utter disbelief” one local YMCA administrative told reporters.

When interrogated by authorities, Yanukovych apparently showed some remorse about killing the delivery men and postmen who were “just doing their job” but said the Jehovah witnesses “really annoyed him” and wished he had “taken more out.”

Tom Duvall, a local Jehovah witness organization spokesman, said that he is relieved that “members of our local chapter can now feel safe” and that “these courageous souls have not ended in this vile man’s belly, but in God’s belly.”

If convicted of his crimes, Ivan Fedorovitch Yanukovych faces a maximum prison sentence of 2,675 years in jail, believe experts.

The Vatican Removed 14 Books From the Bible In 1684 With No Real Explanation


Typically, when the Bible is brought up in conversation, what comes to mind is a source of truth that has not been tampered with.

However, when this book was originally published it contained 80 books and current editions only have 66, and we have to wonder what exact purpose the removal of 14 books would serve?

The Vatican Church or Roman catholic church has been associated with deception for ages. Their atrocities have ranged from genocide many centuries ago against the Cathars to child molestation is more recent years.

The Bible was originally translated from Latin into English in 1611. This “original” Bible contained 80 books, including the Apocrypha, which means hidden.

These Apocrypha books made up the end of the Old Testament, and included the following books:

• 1 Esdras

• 2 Esdras

• Tobit

• Judith

• The rest of Esther

• The Wisdom of Solomon

• Ecclesiasticus

• Baruch with the epistle Jeremiah

• The Songs of the 3 Holy children

• The history of Susana

• bel and the dragon

• The prayer for Manasses

• 1 Maccabees

• 2 Maccabees

Later in 1684, all of these books were removed from the Bible and all of its various versions. The only one left intact was the 1611 edition.

In this first edition, Bible Jesus’ name was spelled Iesus, pronounced Yahushua. You have to wonder why it was changed to Jesus, contrary to the original pronunciation and spelling.

One of the most interesting books of the removed was the “Wisdom of Solomon”. Solomon is one of the most legendary biblical figures from the Bible, as he was the son of David and the wisest man that ever lived. 

Typically, he is portrayed as a benevolent figure, however, this book will change everything that you ever learned about him.

For example, read this excerpt:

Wisdom of Solomon 2:1-24

1 For the ungodly said reasoning with themselves, but not aright, our life is short and tedious and in the death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave.

2 For we are born at all adventure: and we shall be hereafter as though we had never been: for the breath in our nostrils is as smoke, and the little spark in the moving of our heart

3 Which being extinguished, our body shall be turned into ashes, and our spirit shall vanish as the soft air,

4 And our name shall be forgotten in time, and no man shall have our works in remembrance, and our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, that is driven away, with the beams of the sun, and overcome with the heat thereof.

5 For our time is very shadow that passeth away; and after our end there is no returning: for it is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again.

6 Come on there for let us enjoy the good things that are present: and let us speedily use the creatures like as in youth.

7 Let us fill ourselves with costly wine and ointments: and let no flower of the Spring pass by us.

8 Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds, before they be withered:

9 Let none of us go without his part of our voluptuousness: let us leave tokens of our joyfulness in every place: for this is our portion and our lot is this.

10 Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.

11 Let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble is found to be nothing worth.

12 Therefore let us lie in wait for the righteous; because HE is not of our turn, and HE is clean contrary to our doings. He upbraideth us with our offending of the law, and ojecteth to our infamy the transgression of our education.

13 HE professeth to have the knowledge of the MOST HIGH, and calleth HIS self the child of the LORD.

14 HE was made to reprove our thoughts

15 HE is grievous unto us even to behold, for HIS life is not like other men’s, HIS ways are of another fashion.

16 We are esteemed of HIM as counterfeits: HE abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: HE pronounceth the end of the just to be blessed, and maketh HIS boast that GOD is HIS father.

17 Let us see if HIS words be true: and let us prove what shall happen in the end of HIM.

18 For if the just man be the Son of THE MOST HIGH, HE will help HIM and deliver HIM from the hands of HIS enemies.

19 Let us examine HIM with despitefulness and torture, that we may know HIS meekness and prove HIS patience.

20 Let us condemn HIM with a shameful death: for by HIS own mouth HE shall be respected…..

These verses bring to mind a few different important questions, such as:

• Who is Solomon speaking of killing with a “shameful death”?

• Why did the Vatican vote to have these 14 books removed from the Bible?

• Why did Solomon sound so crazy and evil in this book?

It seems that Solomon was speaking of Jesus. But Jesus was born roughly 900 years after his death. Could he have prophesied Jesus’ coming? Let’s consider why this could be, who Solomon was talking about?

• They killed the SON with a shameful death

• The SON’s actions or fashions were different from everyone else’s

• HE claims to be and IS the child of The MOST HIGH

• He was a righteous poor man who would look at Solomon and others like him as “counterfeits”.

• HE professeth to have knowledge of The MOST HIGH

Then listen to what Solomon has to say:

• HE was made to reprove (criticize) our thoughts

• We are esteemed of HIM as counterfeits: HE abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: HE pronounceth the end of the just to be blessed, and maketh HIS boast that GOD is HIS father

• For if the just man be the Son of THE MOST HIGH, HE will help HIM and deliver HIM from the hands of HIS enemies.

And one last thing I would like to point out is when Solomon says;

• Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.

In contradiction to everything most of us know and believe about Solomon, in these verses he sounds completely evil. According to most Biblical teachings in modern times, we are told to believe that he is the wisest man in the history of the world.

It should be noted that Solomon was largely involved in the Occult. Much of the knowledge and teachings that Aleister Crowley preached about were based on the Lesser Keys of Solomon. Solomon worshiped multiple gods and had a weakness for women.  

It is also worth mentioning that the Temple of Solomon is considered the spiritual birthplace of Freemasonry, which is a secret society of sorts that has been responsible for much of the corruption taking place in our world today.

It has never been stated for sure as to why these books were removed from the Bible, although various speculations have been made. We have to wonder if something darker isn’t behind their removal, and what exactly they are hiding away with these books.

Typically, when something is removed from our direct site by those in power, they don’t expect for us to look any deeper than the surface, but when we do, there is almost always more to uncover than we would have ever imagined.


Cockroaches are becoming immune to insecticides


If it’s not the heat death of the Earth that consumes us; if we are not snuffed out by blight, famine and the volatile hubris of mankind, it’s only a matter of time before the cockroaches rise up and conquer us all. They are growing stronger.

They are keen to our defenses and devour them, snickering all the while at our impotent pest control burlesque. If things continue down this dark path the exterminated, in time, will become the exterminators.
This fatalistic vision is brought to you by the very disturbing news that cockroaches have apparently begun to develop a cross-resistance to powerful insecticides.
Scientists from Purdue exposed German cockroaches to different insecticides, and found that the cockroach populations not only developed a resistance to the insecticide they were exposed to, but also picked up resistances to other insecticides.
The super-immune insects can then pass their resistance on to their offspring, making it only a matter of time before a given population becomes, essentially, insecticide-proof.

“This is a previously unrealized challenge in cockroaches,” says Michael Scharf of Purdue University, who led the study. “Cockroaches developing resistance to multiple classes of insecticides at once will make controlling these pests almost impossible with chemicals alone.”The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports, and will become the ur-text of the coming Global Cockroach Age.

Here’s why multi-immunity insects are a problem. Exterminators typically use a cocktail of different insecticides, which are divided into classes based on toxicity, chemical composition and other factors. That way, if an insect is immune to one kind, another kind can knock them out.Obviously, this doesn’t work if cockroaches become immune to different types.In this study, scientists were able to keep cockroach populations level through rotating insecticides, but weren’t actually able to reduce their numbers.Scharf says resistance within a single generation of the cockroaches sometimes increased four- or six-fold. Combine that with the fact a single female cockroach can produce 200 to 300 offspring in her short lifetime and, well, you’re looking at some cursed math.Scharf’s team concluded the issue is worse in low-income areas and other places where effective pest control isn’t available.The way to combat this, Scharf says, is to diversify pest treatment methods. This could include physical methods like traps and vacuums, and preventative measures like sanitation.After all, cockroaches were on this earth millions of years before us. As they evolve, so must we; or they’ll be here millions of years after we’re gone.

Cannabis Movement Missed Opportunities

Cannabis Movement

After confirming the details of a report that Barbados has sealed a deal with foreign investors intending to develop a medical cannabis industry there worth one billion dollars, it has come to light that these very investors were right here in Saint Lucia early this year for months intending to do the very same, with no success. After being disappointed by the negotiations conducted here with our Government, the investors sought out other islands in the region to float their project. As a result, they ended up in Barbados where they met with the Rastafarian community, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and the AG, who wasted no time to seal the deal. So once again, yet another prime Minister of the region, in this case, PM Mia Motley has had the courage to use her power to make the necessary amendments to their cannabis laws in order to accommodate the industrial development of the cannabis plant. Please note that although Saint Vincent has been toying with the idea for years, Antigua, Saint Kitts and Barbados were not on the cannabis stage a year ago, but were able in little time to throw their hat in the ring and enter the trillion dollar world medical cannabis industry. The Prime Ministers of those islands used their powers to make the decision themselves. Remember, medical cannabis is not ganja, not marijuana, it does not have a psyco active effect if consumed and is as benign or harmless as vegetables. So for reasons unknown to us, we missed that opportunity. The Government failed to bring a much needed project to our nation that could have brought agriculture back to where it could make a significant contribution to the country’s socio economic development, providing thousands of jobs for young unemployed people, creating a filter up economic model that would literally grow the GDP of our country. The market is growing at a rapid pace and it is important that we get in at the ground floor. To our knowledge, there are several other similar project proposals sitting on the Prime Ministers desk waiting for approval. We encourage the Prime Minister to step in at this crucial time and make the required decisions immediately to avoid this very situation to be repeated. Certain steps MUST be taken as soon as possible in order for us benefit economically from this industry. 

1 There must be a moratorium on incarceration. 
2. There MUST be an amnesty for people languishing in prison for cannabis offences. 
3. Hemp must be removed from the Misuse of Drugs Act. 
4. Cannabis must be rescheduled from a Schedule 2 Class A substance to a Schedule 2 Class C substance. 
5. Cannabis crimes must be expunged from criminal records. 
6. The National Educational program must be rolled as soon as possible, and 
7. The Government must address the nation on these developments, and in that address, there must be an apology to the Rastafarian community.

The drafting of a Cannabis Act and the development of all the regulations that will be contained in the Act can take place over the coming months, but the Government must act now. We have lost one golden opportunity, let us not lose another one. The nation eagerly awaits an announcement.

Today is a sad sad sad day!

For as long as I can remember this gentleman has had a fruit stall infront of Massy in Maraval. He arrives in his panel van early every morning, sets up his tent, tables, and meticulously displays his fruit. His produce is of top quality, well organized, and reasonably priced. Every time I drive by seeing this man brings a smile to my face. Sitting below his white tent in the blazing sun, either reading the Guardian or chatting with fellow Maravalians. His appearance is spotless. His shirt pristine white. His shoes and hat as well.
Early afternoon he packs up his tent, tables, produce and garbage and is disappears as if he was never there…until the following morning when the tent goes up again.

On a daily basis I witness police blaring their sirens so they don’t have to sit down in traffic like the rest of us. I see countless ppl breaking red lights, visiting our beaches and leaving the shores littered with their rubbish, not to mention curruption, money laundering, and rampant crime. The distraction of historical building demolished in the dark of the night so the authorities don’t see or the total lack of organization in our government offices. But everyday when I sit down in traffic at this very location being caused by inconsiderate taxis stopping in the middle of the road, I am reminded of the good in humanity when I look at this man. The preparation every morning for his day of work. The daily task of unloading everything in his own. Putting up a whole tent and tables and produce only to remove it a couple hours later. Taking pride in his trade. Proud to come to work to provide us with the freshest fruits. Quietly reading the paper and waiting on his regulars to visit interrupted only to possibly help an elderly lady or two to get into a waiting taxi with all of their Massy Bags.

In said traffic this morning instead of my daily sight of my Mr. Fruitman sitting below his tent in the blazing sun taking a lil lime with his regulars, I witnessed this bald head grouch of a police officer yelling and speaking to him in the most disgusting manner, loading his stock of fruit into the back of a police truck and putting handcuffs of this man. His van remains parked at work. Mr. Fruitman, his valuables and his stock taken away infront of people protesting for the disgusting nature that this was carried out. How embarrassing this must have felt! I was told that the police pulled up, loudly exclaimed the act that he broke and said that they got orders from “higher up” to remove him. And that was that. Handcuffs and all Mr. Fruitman was taken away. His fruit thrown in the tray of the police pick up. It wasn’t a pretty site to witness. I mean obviously having to remove this man or see him being removed is heartbreaking but the manner in which this officer spoke to him and treated his property was especially sickening.

Prior to today I was not sure what Mr. Fruitman’s name is but I just learned his name is Mark Franklin.

Mark – I am so sorry that you had to experience this. I know you are a good, honest, hard working man and I thank you for your years of not only providing us with great produce but for doing your part to maintain some sort of a respectable level of humanity in this country.

Trinidad – you disgust me! You make me feel to throw up my lunch. I don’t care what act this man may have broken but he has rights! Most of all he has the right to be treated like a human being. He did not object. He did not put up a fight. But you failed him! Give him a warning. Help him. Give him options! Speak to him in a respectable manner. God dammit I am so sick of the hatred and blatant regard for human life and emotion in this country!

And lastly Mr. Baldhead Police Officer…I hope a bird shits on your head.

Sheldon Douglas offers no explanation for artiste no-show

Mikey Spice and Sheldon Douglas

A Grenadian show promoter who left hundreds of patrons disappointed when he failed to present the advertised headline act, is yet to give a public explanation about the situation.

Sheldon Douglas sold tickets for an event at Moonlight City on Saturday, May 4th, at which Jamaican reggae singer Mikey Spice was to perform.
The singer failed to turn up and Sunday he told local media that the “promoter had messed up”, but Douglas has not been seen or heard from. 
Angry and disappointed patrons have been posting on social media, after they waited hours, into Sunday morning, to see the Jamaican perform. 
At least one person had to be removed from the stage by police, after he went up to demand satisfaction for his purchased ticket.

Tickets had been on sale for $50 in advance and $70 at the door. However ticket holders did not receive any proof of entry at the gates, which poses a challenge for reimbursements.
Douglas himself, a local soca performer and past crown winner was not seen at the event , according to patrons.
”He has made his way bad,” said one woman who waited until 6am for the performance she had come to see.
Earlier in the show King Ajamu, a multiple crown winner, performed with his band and according to the woman, he delivered a satisfying performance. 
“We couldn’t complain”, she said, referring to the presentation from the local artistes. 

There is speculation that Douglas may not have raised sufficient money to complete the necessary payment to Mikey Spice before he could take to the stage.
Speaking to Mikey Live following the debacle, the Jamaican said he had not seen the promoter and that Douglas had failed to meet the necessary contractual obligations. 
The 53 year-old singer said the promoter, “failed in every aspect of what a promoter is supposed to be”.

GBN makes six digit financial settlements

GBN forced to settle wrongful dismissal packages with two former workers

The Grenada Broadcasting Network, which has been under public scrutiny in recent months over the conduct of its General Manager Odette Campbell, has reached wrongful dismissal financial settlements with two former longstanding employees. 
The two, a male worker and female staffer, were handed termination letters from Campbell in recent years.
The amount, which totals six digit figures, were agreed to during a recent mediation meeting involving the Ministry of labour and attended by three GBN employees.
The two are the latest workers to receive compensation packages for their premature departure from the Campbell headed GBN.
Campbell is currently the subject of a three-member investigation called for by the GBN workers and agreed to by the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and OCM, GBN’s parent company.
Late last year, workers staged a walk-out to heighten calls for her removal as general manager and have followed-up their protest action with a signed petition to OCM headquarters detailing a list of allegations against Campbell.

Ubaldus Raymond rumors warrants further investigations

Ubaldus Raymond

The Government of Saint Lucia has launched investigations into recent information being circulated in the public domain surrounding the Minister for the Public Service and Senator Honourable Dr. Ubaldus Raymond.
As a consequence of this initial probe, more information has come to light which warrants further investigations by the relevant authorities.

The Government, in seeking to protect the interest of the People of Saint Lucia, wishes to give the assurance that these investigations will be performed without interference and with the utmost integrity. In furtherance of this, Dr. Raymond has proceeded on leave.

The Government of Saint Lucia wishes to give the assurance that at the conclusion of these investigations the outcome will be presented to the general public.