GBN makes six digit financial settlements


GBN forced to settle wrongful dismissal packages with two former workers

The Grenada Broadcasting Network, which has been under public scrutiny in recent months over the conduct of its General Manager Odette Campbell, has reached wrongful dismissal financial settlements with two former longstanding employees. 
The two, a male worker and female staffer, were handed termination letters from Campbell in recent years.
The amount, which totals six digit figures, were agreed to during a recent mediation meeting involving the Ministry of labour and attended by three GBN employees.
The two are the latest workers to receive compensation packages for their premature departure from the Campbell headed GBN.
Campbell is currently the subject of a three-member investigation called for by the GBN workers and agreed to by the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and OCM, GBN’s parent company.
Late last year, workers staged a walk-out to heighten calls for her removal as general manager and have followed-up their protest action with a signed petition to OCM headquarters detailing a list of allegations against Campbell.