Dimanche Gras, a bomb waiting to exploed

Brenda Baptiste - Dimanche Gras

I was in storytellers paradise for some of the compositions I heard at Calypso Semis yesterday…with that said, we need to engage our Artistes and Writers in training going into the next season and future.

‘Lollipops’ or very simple and under developed lines should not make semi final stages and definitely NOT the Final! The SONG must be strong and delivered STRONG. It is a Song and Singing Competition!

There are four young first time FINALISTS 
Stunna, Kande, Prince, Cox…. they were IMPRESSIVEeeeee! The guards are changing 😊 Their compositions are so well written and structured, can become references for Calypso studies. Stunna set the bar as he opened the show…Finley Jeffrey yuh need a hymn or two, or for that matter the whole hymn book! Great work with these youths Schols!

Valene you stamped your authority with your second song in particular, You could not be ignored. Happy for you QUEEN! Valene JJ Nedd

Randy, you fought your way through, have a re look at the song choices for the Final. This is your millionth final? 😆 Congrats

Baracka, oh Baracka you handle the social issues of unemployment, youth delinquency and the prevailing threat of non involvement of youth in agriculture, like a pro! The relevance of it all coming from a youthful Griot! Well done! Micah Joseph

Raymond B Matthew welcome back to the fold, WE MISSED YOU! The satire, humour, wittiness , the presence of the BEAST was both magical and sentimental…the mischievous smile and quick run off stage …when the deed was done! 😆

Sean Niles…Sour Serpent, EXCELLENCE! MY GOODNESS! STRONG Songs …powerful delivery…overall EXCELLENCE…The SERPENT have a STING… B E W A R E!

To the Calypsonians who did not make it to the next round, keep working and SPECIAL THANKS for your contributions, a labour of love…nuff respect.

Congratulations Dimanche Gras is gonna be UUUUUUUUppppppppp!


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